Welcome to the Blue Heron Wellness community blog. The Blue Heron Wellness blog team hopes to develop electronically what we have created in “bricks & mortar:” an open and welcoming place for you to find information about wellness and wellness services. It is our goal that this blog become an active and interactive place, so please let us know what you think about the postings here and offer suggestions as to the type of material you would like to see in future postings. This blog is for you so please help us grow it in ways that hold the most value for you. Typically new posts will be made every one to two weeks, and will cover a range of topics that include the latest happenings within the Blue Heron community as well as articles designed to help you become more knowledgeable about how to take care of yourself in this fast paced world.

About Blue Heron Wellness

Blue Heron Wellness is an independently owned and operated integrated wellness center that opened its doors in 2007. It is co-owned by business woman Elisa Rivetti and acupuncturist Sue Berman who share a passion for alternative healing methods. Today, Blue Heron offers a wide range of services designed to increase quality of life through alternative medicine and a healthier approach to the daily grind. Blue Heron offers healing services such as Chinese herbs and acupuncture, along with beneficial pampering treatments like natural and organic facials and a variety of massage techniques, as well as numerous movement classes like yoga, pilates, kettlebells, and more. We strive to create a family friendly community where members can learn about how to relieve stress and live their lives to the fullest while providing the tools to put that knowledge into effect.

Find Us
10723-B Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901                                                               info@blueheronwellness.com                                                                                           (301) 754-3730
Blue Heron Wellness is conveniently located in the Shoppes at Burnt Mills, atop Trader Joe’s and Starbucks. Our entrance and additional free parking are located behind California tortilla. Elevator is available
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